Building The Fastest 2016 Camaro In The World Is All About R&D

How do you build the world’s fastest Camaro? You must have the right team and spend a lot of time and money on R&D.

The Fireball Performance Cars Formula:

  • Assemble the best auto performance team that exists – Check!
  • Build the fastest 2016 Camaro on the planet – Check!
  • Continue to push the platform till it breaks – Check!
  • Refine and push again, and again, and again!

Fireball Performance Cars R&D

Here at Fireball Camaro we love building really fast cars. But we don’t stop after the records are set. We keep pushing the platform. Why? Because that’s our job! When you buy a Fireball you’re getting the fastest 2016 Camaro made and you know you’re getting a highly – Tuned – Hardened solution that will put up with everything we’ve thrown at it.

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