Fireball R&D Car

Fireball R&D Car

At Fireball Performance, we're driven by a passion for building really fast cars. And by fast, we mean record-setting fast cars. We continue to push the limits of the LT1 platform in the Fireball R&D Car.

But we don’t stop after the records are set. We keep pushing the platform. Why? Because we're competitive, and it’s our job.

We use all the data from our R&D car to continuously improve our Fireball Performance packages. That's what motivates us through the long days in the garage and late nights at the track.

In fact, the performance of the Fireball R&D car is what inspired every package in our lineup. Becoming the First Gen 6 in the 10s showed us that the Gen 6 Camaro's LT1 platform was capable of so much more than Chevy was offering.

When you purchase a Fireball Performance package, you can be assured you’re getting a well-researched, highly-tuned and hardened solution that has been put through its paces.

Fireball Performance - R & D - Fireball Camaro 700
  • Dec 2015

    First Gen 6 Camaro in the 10s

  • Jan 2016

    First in the 9s

  • Oct 2016

    Released the 900 at SEMA

  • Feb 2017

    Runs 9.006 at 149 mph

  • May 2017

    Runs 8.83 at 158 mph - Fastest Gen 6 & LT-Record Holder


Research and Testing

The Fireball Performance Formula:

  • Assemble the best performance team that exists.
  • Build the fastest performance cars on the planet.
  • Continue to push the platform 'til it breaks.
  • Tune, test, refine, break and repeat again, and again, and again!