Fireball Camaro
Performance Packages

Fireball Performance camaro Packages

The Fireball 700 & 900 packages restored the prestige of the Chevy Camaro, making them competitive again with their American muscle car counterparts. Every Fireball Camaro is hardened and ready to impose its will on the streets and at the track.

Fireball 700 Camaro

The Fireball 700 performance package was developed to make high-performance accessible to Camaro enthusiasts. We wanted to create something that not just rivaled Shelby's Mustangs and Dodge's Hellcats - we're too competitive for that. So we built something that leaves them in the dust.

Fireball Camaro 900 Green in Garage
Fireball Camaro 700 Burn Out

Fireball 900 Camaro

The Fireball 900 is a menace to supercars everywhere. We set out to forge a new standard for American muscle and spawned the Fireball 900. From its aggressive styling to its resounding rumble when you rev the engine, the Fireball 900 commands attention and earns its respect.

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