At Fireball, we break recordswe earn titles; we set standards; and we build the World’s Fastest Camaros for the track and the streets. In that spirit, we unveiled our latest quarter-mile monster, the 900 horsepower Fireball 900, at SEMA in Las Vegas on November 1.

That’s right, we built a 990 flywheel horsepower, street-legal, track-capable Camaro that will send Hellcats and Roush Mustangs fleeing for their garages. The Fireball 900 also blows the doors off of its Chevy predecessors – the Camaro Zl1 and Z28 – offering 340 more horsepower than the Zl1 and 485 more horsepower than the z28. Manuais do usuário.

How’d we do it?

The 900 horsepower Fireball 900 is a 6th Gen Camaro that’s been supercharged, ported and tuned to deliver maximum horsepower by the industry’s leading performance mod team who built the first 2016 Camaro in the 9s. Our team’s relentless R&D efforts and mastery the art of fine tuning helped us scale the engineering of our race car into an accessible, road-ready, high-performance Camaro. We put the Fireball 900 through its paces and pushed it to the limits the same way we do our race car, so every Fireball is proven, hardened and ready to impress. Since this Camaro is in a class of its own, we decided it deserved a street-style to set it apart from its inferior counterparts. We created a custom hood, rims and tattooed our seal of approval with badging, so there’s no mistaking or counterfeiting a Fireball 900 on the streets.

Our generosity doesn’t stop with horsepower. Because we are driven by the pursuit of performance and horsepower in the form of American Muscle for the men (and women) who want to go fast without going broke, we’ve made the Fireball 900 available at select dealerships starting at less than $100 per horse or $90,000.

For more information about the Fireball 900, see the specs or order now.