First 2016 Chevrolet Camaro to Run in the 9s

We did it again. The 2016 Chevrolet Fireball Camaro, driven by Ryan Martin of B&R Performance, set new quartermile records Wednesday both with nitrous assist and naturally aspirated (all motor). Watch the Fireball Camaro become the fastest 2016 Camaro with a pass in the 9s.

Beginning the day naturally aspirated, the Fireball Camaro ran a 10.95 second pass. Then after a nitrous assisted warm up of 9.91 we reset the 2016 Camaro world record to 9.83 for the quartermile.

The Fireball Performance Cars Team set records on the cold track at the Osage Tulsa Raceway Park, with temperatures in the low 40’s.

Several performance teams around the world are chasing single-digit times with the new 2016 Gen6 Camaro. We are extremely proud the Fireball Camaro got there first.

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Fireball Camaro 9.83 Second Receipt Makes It Fastest 2016 Camaro

Fastest 2016 Camaro (nitrous assisted) – time sheet (9.83)


Fireball Camaro 10.95 Pass Receipt

Fastest 2016 Camaro (naturally aspirated) – time sheet (10.95)